Timken Introduces Carlisle Super Arc Belt

Timken Belts announces the introduction of their new Carlisle Super Arc belt specifically designed for live/powered roller conveyor drives commonly used in warehouse or product loading and shipping industries.

Super Arc belts are engineered to resist the extreme stress and wear experienced with friction driven rollers. “We worked with customers in the field to develop what we feel is a superior belt for this unique application,” said Brent Elliott, principal application engineer, Timken Belts. “We use special fabric, cord and rubber compound in a construction that delivers the required flex and tensile strength characteristics needed for extended belt life on these live roller conveyor drives.”

The new Super Arc belts have a special fabric clutching cover that provides just the right amount of slip and grip between the belt and rollers – enough friction to turn the rollers which move the product down the conveyor, and enough slip to reduce heat and wear from misalignment. Multiple layers of small diameter polyester cord allow the belt to flex laterally around the arc of the conveyor (up to 90 corners), while still providing exceptional strength.  Made of a highly engineered rubber compound that supports the cord, Super Arc belts offer superior flexibility and performance while retaining excellent flex life.

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Source: Timken Introduces Carlisle Super Arc Belt |  Power Transmission Engineering