Throwback Thursday – Global Bear Inc celebrate 15 years

Global Bear Inc. celebrated their 15th anniversary in September 2015.

Global Bear was founded in 2000 by Austrian born Harold Benz and German born Dieter Degen.

Harold and Dieter met 41 years earlier in Canada in a church basement taking their Confirmation classes in German and soon found out they actually lived across the street from each other! Dieter made it through the classes the first time round, as for Harold, rumours are he’s still trying!

Both Harold and Dieter went on to follow separate paths after secondary school with Dieter going on to dazzle in IT and Harold going to University (another rumour apparently!).

After many years of living separate lives Harold and Dieter got reacquainted and as the story goes became the best of friends and business partners.

Global Bear started from humble beginnings, thanks to their unique combination of Mechanical Engineering and IT the company has grown from one branch of 2500sq ft, adding a second branch, now, totalling 16,200sq ft. of warehouse and office space.

Global Bear started on a ‘shoestring’ with miniature bearings being the main product for the first year. Global Bear has come a long way since then, with one huge order worth $1.9 million for wind turbines, for the bearings in the gear boxes and main shaft bearings as the foundation to propelling Global from a small business into a “going concern”.

“We are honoured to represent the vendors shown on our website as Canadian Master Distributor” Harold Benz.

Global Bear joined BearingNet in 2004, “With the help of many BearingNet members, that portion of our business has grown to represent 10-15% of our total revenues. We also consider the personal friendships that have come from the membership as a serious “value added”, bonus.

Global Bear Inc. look forward to their continued growth in the years ahead.