“Throughout the pandemic, our company made all the necessary actions and provisions that needed to be taken”

BearingNet spoke to Özteknik Rulman’s Ahmet Azman, Mechanical Engineer and International Business Development Director, about how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the company, staff and customers.

Ozteknik Rulman are a family run business which have been serving the bearing and power transmission industry since 1986. Their aim is to provide the best possible service to their valued customers through their 50 employees at their  locations across Turkey.

Through a strong focus on a wide range of quality products and services, their growth has accelerated and allowed Özteknik Rulman to be a well recognised name in the market.

Additionally, through their well educated partners they have encountered rapid growth of the company which has seen them gain a competitive advantage internationally.

“We wish to establish a union of strength for the brightness of our world and industry, with our valuable customers who believe and trust us.” – Özteknik Rulman

BearingNet spoke to Özteknik Rulman’s Ahmet Azman, Mechanical Engineer and International Business Development Director about how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the company, staff and customers.

How has Özteknik Rulman helped the local community through the COVID-19 pandemic?

Throughout the pandemic, making sure everyone was keeping safe and secure was the main priority. Our chairman of the board Mr. İbrahim Azman, is also chairman of the Büsan Organised Industrial Zone. The Büsan Industrial Zone management came to the decision that disinfecting all the companies in the zone was a great way to prevent the disease from spreading among us.

Therefore, throughout the pandemic we underwent a process in which all companies and cars within the zone were disinfected periodically without any charge. Our company Özteknik Rulman fully supported and implemented this process with both the staff and management team assisting.

Ozteknik Rulman also supported students at a local high school. Our technical team helped them manufacture disposable face masks. We also distributed face masks to all our staff and their families throughout the pandemic.

How has COVID-19 affected your staff?

Throughout the pandemic, our company made all the necessary actions and provisions that needed to be taken. For instance, disinfectant and masks were given to all office and warehouse staff to use and body temperature checks were carried out on all our staff and customers.

Of course, COVID-19 affected all our staff in some way, however, we took the necessary precautions to protect ourselves the best we can. Due to everything that was put in place by the company, luckily, we had no cases.

However, some employees had to isolate for 14 days as a result of being in contact with others who tested positive.

Although, I am sure that was the case for many other companies around the world.

Was Özteknik Rulman affected during the COVID-19 period?

In the first outbreak of coronavirus in March and April a lot of our customers who are mainly manufacturers and exporters were affected by it which had a big impact on our business.

At the start, a lot of customer and supplier visits were postponed due to the flight cancellations in and out of the country, which had a big impact on the company. Furthermore, due to events in the bearing industry being postponed or cancelled, much like the BearingNet User Meeting, we had no chance to network and get to know other businesses in the market.

Most people were very pessimistic due to COVID-19 and the business activities decreased. However, our management team decided to not slow down the material supply and invest back into the business to strengthen our stock and support our customers and the industry.

On the other hand, when the big cities in Turkey such as Konya, went into a much stricter lockdown, we were forbidden to go outside at the weekends. Whilst the situation was difficult, Özteknik Rulman continued to supply all our products to our customers when they needed them.

What were the rules for lockdown in Turkey and did the government give any assistance?

The Turkish government like many others put in place some rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Here are some of the rules that we faced:

  • Face masks were mandatory to wear in crowded places.
  • School and universities cancelled all classes.
  • People aged above 63 or below 18 were forbidden to go outside.
  • During the weekends it was forbidden to go out.
  • Shopping centres, restaurants and other social places were closed.

On a positive note, the government financially assisted us and many other companies in Turkey with stimulus packages which were greatly appreciated by many of the businesses affected.

Firstly, companies could claim payments from the government if their staff had time off. Although, there was a limit to how much was claimed.

Secondly, the government also helped companies by paying a percentage of their staff wages as it was forbidden to end their employment during this unfortunate period. This was a massive help to companies whose staff worked fewer hours due to the financial effect of the pandemic.

Despite all these unexpected problems and rules we faced, Özteknik Rulman did our very best to support our customers, our staff and the industry.

If you want to find out more information on Ozteknik Rulman, visit their website below or get in contact with them today.

Website: www.ozteknik.com.tr
Email: ahmet@ozteknik.com.tr
Phone: +90 332 345 37 38

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