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DUBLIN User Meeting 2022

Picture this… You’re in the heart of Dublin, in the BearingNet networking hall, talking business and drinking Guinness in the evenings with 300+ industry professionals from all stretches of the world. If the ‘luck of the Irish’ is on our side, we’ll be there in full spirits, with conversations flowing faster than the beer taps at the farewell dinner (we won’t run out this time!).

The upcoming User Meeting is 29th – 31st May 2022 in Dublin, Ireland, at the Clayton Hotel. With the venue just 25 minutes from the local airport and a short stroll into the busy streets of Dublin, it’s the perfect location for our networking event. I know what you’re thinking… a user meeting on a SUNDAY! But what better way to start the week than spending it developing existing relationships whilst building new ones.

Creating an event exclusively for BearingNet members gives us the ability to design the meeting exactly how you want it! Over the last 16 years, we’ve organised 18 meetings across Europe and the United States, so rest assured we know what we are doing.

No exhausting presentations or fixed meeting slots. Just 3 days to network with whoever, whenever! With every company getting their own tablespace all in one room, speak to the distributors that you want to talk to. So often, getting yourself in front of the right company can be challenging and costly, but at the BearingNet User Meeting, everyone is there for the same reason at the same time, making it much more accessible.

Dublin may be one of Europe’s smaller capital cities, but it has been known to steal the heart of every visitor, with something for everyone (just like our user meetings!).

Save money and start preparing. If you didn’t know already, the booking system is open for you to register and to encourage signing up now, we’ve introduced an early booking discount for a limited time.

Don’t miss out on the networking event of the year.

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See you in Dublin!