The Chair-less Chair

Chairolution or the chairless chair

Have you got a factory or warehouse? Have you got members of staff complaining of tiredness or aches and pains? This could be the solution!

Warehouses and factories have some of the highest risks of back problems for workers. It is said that around 80% of people suffer from back pains and tiredness throughout their working life, this is costing both the employee and employer lots of time and money. Reaching, lifting and carrying is causing the number of back injuries to rise and the solution is here.

The Chairless Chair is worn as an exoskeleton allowing working people in settings such as warehouses and factories, picking stock, stretching and lifting to experience greater comfort. Having to bend, stoop or stand for long lengths of time can cause fatigue and stress to the back which can cause muscle related problems, the Chairless Chair allows workers obtain and maintain optimal posture. This could be the perfect fix for production line workers to relieve their backs and legs of the tiredness and pressure felt throughout the day to stop a workers issue becoming a productivity issue and the companies issue.

The ‘Chairolution’ is a wearable exoskeleton worn on the outside of a persons clothing, with a belt wrapped around the hips and straps around the thigh, it allows the user to walk or even run when it is not activated. The Chairless Chair uses a portable variable damper which engages to hold a persons body weight when activated and once the user has moved into their desired pose, this relieves the stress and tiredness from the leg and back muscles.

It is said that trials on the BMW production line in Germany are set to take place from September and Audi to follow later in the year.

Could this be the next big thing in our bearing factories and warehouses?