Testing for supplier approval

Just as rolling contact bearings need to be tested for supplier approval, bearing manufacturers need to test their suppliers of rolling elements such as balls and rollers as well.






A common approach is to make special thrust bearings with easily replaced rings or washers.

This approach has several advantages:

  • Many rolling elements will be loaded uniformly at the same time
  • Rings and washers can be exchanged and perhaps reworked before the end of their lifetime, ensuring that failures happen only on the rolling elements
  • The desired amount of slippage can be defined by properly choosing the pitch diameters

Elgeti Engineering operates several thrust bearing test rigs for bearings up to 320 mm outer diameter which are also well-suited to testing rollers of significant sizes, depending on the particular requirements.

The company are highly experienced with the associated testing methods and strategies – If you want to find out more information get in contact with them today!


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