Teen reinvents 3D printing technology

Picture of the ORB Printer

15 year old Thomas Suarez is your typical teenager, he likes his gadgets and using apps on his phone. Except he also has made and published five apps for a variety of devices including Google Glass. But he has now made a real game changer, and reinvented 3D printing.

Photo of the ORB 3D printer

He has announced the ORB, a rotating 3D printer that he says will be up to 10 times as fast as current filament based 3D printers. There are 3 specific improvements that mean this can happen

  • Rotating platform – Called Spinning Disc, by rotating at high velocity as the extruder moves over it it allows objects to be printed faster.
  • MultiHeat Technology – By having multiple heaters stacked on top of each other, with a small air gap, plastic can be heated much faster.
  • Magnetic filament – Custom plastic filament includes small metal flakes which allow it to heat faster and cling to the electromagnetic spinning disc.

With his experience in software development (he has his own company CarrotCorp) one of his most interesting innovations is in the actual print code for the ORB. Suarez has made it human-readable, which makes it much simpler and easier to print than the standard GCode currently used. To see the difference he has made a comparison of the codes, each one prints the same object, ORB Print Code using 24 lines and GCode using 381.