Taking suits to the 21st century

Suits, a timeless classic that will never change, never get old and won’t ever have any innovation. Until now that is. A couple of people have recently taken the suit and flipped it on it’s head, creating two very different mash ups of suit practicality.

[tabs] [tab title=”The ‘Suitsie'”]For the past few years a night time fashion trend has refused to go away. Some love them, others loathe them, the adult romper suit or the onesie. Combine that with a suit and you get a ‘Suitsie’. It sound ridiculous and has a ridiculous tagline to go with it “Look professional – feel like you’re in pyjamas.”

What’s even crazier is that it really does look like a suit, albeit not a well fitted suit but nothing worse than anything off the rack. In fact it looks so convincing a guy, Greg Ferenstein, wore one for a week and no one even noticed. Here he is in two suits, one is normal, one is a Suitsie.

suitsyYou can also alter it to make it seem more tailored and professional.

The only problem is it is a tad expensive ($340.20) for some pyjamas, and I say I would rather spend the money on a semi decent suit.[/tab] [tab title=”True Wetsuits”]If you thought a onesie that was a suit was ridiculous then wait until you see this. In fact watch this video and then we can continue.

I am not lying. This is an actual thing. Quicksilver are really selling these in Japan. These are being dubbed business wetsuits that take you from the office to the ocean.

Each part of the suit, including that snazzy tie, is made from 2mm neoprene, making them completely waterproof. Great when you spill coffee all over yourself or you want to jump into a pool.

Of course there are a choice of 3 styles; Office Smart, Casual Friday and Party Tuxedo.


Oh and it comes with a pen and diary that has an emailing function. If you push the pen in the sea an excuse email is sent to your office, so you can surf to your hearts content before rocking up to work. The suit will allegedly dry before you reach the office as well, so no one will know.

But it does cost ¥300,000 or £1,565. A high end suit would cost you the same, but it wouldn’t be waterproof; a high end wetsuit would cost about a third of the price and not look like a suit.

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What do you make of these two new fashion statements? Would you buy one? Would you wear one? How many of you go from the office straight into the surf? We need answers!