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Big Tim The Train Vintage Educational Cartoon for Children – 1959, The Timken Company

Hyatt Roller Bearings vintage advert

A new day at SKF Logistics Services Italy

NTN-SNR Aerospace activity

NCIS and NTN fight to combat counterfeit bearings

On the 25 June in South Carolina, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) raided a bearing storage unit. After an investigation, NCIS concluded that the warehouse was illegally distributing low quality, counterfeit bearings. They managed to seize hundreds of fake NTN Bearings products, as well as several...

Expansion of Electric Vehicles leads Innovation in Bearings

The number of electric and hybrid cars on the road is on the rise leading to innovation in the bearings used on the production line.

Highlights of the HANNOVER MESSE 2014

How it is made big size roller bearings

Boca Bearing for Robotics and Automation

Boca Bearing Company is expanding its product line to include bearings and lubricants suitable for the Robotics, Automation, and Advanced Manufacturing industries. Boca Bearings carries a large stock of standard bearings, ceramic hybrid bearings, full ceramic bearings and speciality lubricants.

Murder, an umbrella and ball bearings

It was 36 years ago that Georgi Markov was assassinated whilst travelling into work at the BBC World Service. It was the third attempt by the Bulgarian secret police, assisted by the KGB, to kill him, and they succeeded. To this day, no one has been charged...