Rolling Bearings for Cereals Rolling Mill

Cereals rolling mills are of paramount importance in cereal processing.

Rolling Mill Stands are used to mill cereals. The cereals are rolled by passing among two counter rotating cylinders which are supported by two shafts. According to the machine type, there are also cylinders that can be heated during the milling process by means of the heat brought by a fluid. The shafts are usually supported with spherical roller bearings that can be conceived with cylindrical or with tapered bore depending on the machine type or by the desired bearing residual internal clearance after mounting.

The reliability of all the machine components is fundamental to guarantee the maximum output of the mill, reducing the loss of production due to machine breakdown. RKB, due to the experience gained in the food and beverage sector, reached an excellent level of performance that has been appreciated by our customers all over the world.

RKB Bearings.

Since 1936, RKB has been manufacturing products in the bearing industry, producing over 350 tons of machined steel. With a network of distributors that stretches worldwide, they are able to export their products to over 50 countries.

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