Role models for a multicultural Europe in the Ruhr region

Whilst Friedrich PICARD GmbH & Co. KG continues to grow, with their roller bearings and linear motion technology, alongside an unrivalled product range, it is their attention to making their offices welcoming and multi-cultural, that catches the eye.

Founded in Bochum, Germany in 1922, the specialists in rolling bearing and linear technology, Friedrich PICARD GmbH & Co KG, have continually extended their premises over a number of years.

Around €17.5 million has been invested in the extension of storage areas and modern office facilities, effectively doubling their operational capacities. But what stands out even more than economic successes, impressive numbers and technical features is that Friedrich PICARD & Co KG is a highly popular employer, promoting values of multiculturalism, a friendly working environment and open, diverse communication.

Everyone in the technical trade knows PICARD. Often described as a hidden champion in its field, the specialist company for rolling bearing and linear technology is renowned for their vision and professionalism. Not only are their product range and know-how exceptional, but PICARD impresses with its singular business model, their extraordinary company culture and rapid expansion:

“We’re constantly growing. It became clear, quite quickly, that the space we moved into in 2012 would need continuous expansion as well.” PICARD’s CEO Hans-Martin Reinhardt confidently says.

“This is an investment in the future, which we will successfully build together with our team.”

Aside from the modern office building, the storage facility recently brought in substantial added value: with storage space of over 10,000 square metres, the area has been doubled in size, along with storage locations for 12,000 palettes. Meanwhile, the large, three-level shelving rack facility boasts some 200,000 storage spaces. Special attention was also paid to the site’s new linear motion technology centre. The spacious, 571-square-metre facility houses two fully automatic cutting machines, which ensure that rails can be cut and shipped on the same day, with orders placed up to 7pm.

Here, growth has taken place in both scale and people. A key component of the company’s success lies in more than just their square metres; it’s in the people behind the brand. Currently, the company boasts 180 employees from 32 different countries. The sales team alone consists of native speakers from 19 countries, who consult their customers from around the world
in 17 languages:

“If a customer calls us for expert advice or to place an order, the chances are relatively high that one of our country specialists will speak their mother tongue.” Reinhardt proudly states.

“Good service means flexibility, versatility and good communication.”

And it works. Total turnover has doubled in the years since the move into their new business facilities in 2012. Generally, PICARD stands out due to their wide range; the third-generation family business has over 45,000 products stored. This creates a net stock value of €43.5 million.

In addition to stocking a vast range of products, the ‘hidden champion’ is also impressive both as an employer and in terms of its outstanding logistical performance from its Ruhr location. Customers who place their order before 7pm from Monday to Friday will see their order dispatched on the same day.

And customers can get the best of PICARD online as well! For years, they’ve been a market leader in the development of e-commerce applications in the specialised trade. The PICARD ‘onlineshop’ gives customers a quick and easy overview of the products, delivery options and the shipping costs involved.

That isn’t everything; the speedy linear configurator enables customers to see the availability and price for linear rails and shafts instantly. PICARD also offers this configurator as a plug-in to its customers in the rolling bearing industry to use for their own websites or inventory management systems, making it easier for their customers to inquire about and order linear motion technology products.

At PICARD, technical support and service of the highest degree are constantly taken to the next level.
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