RKB’s new football kit sponsorship

Starting with the new season, RKB will appear on the outfit of the O17-2 team, which plays football in the Utrecht region, in the middle of the Netherlands. Their colleague, Peter van Deursen, is one of the three fathers that has trained and coached the O17-2 football team since 2010. 

Considering there are many connections at various clubs in the Utrecht region with the winches & cranes industry, the RKB logo presented on the shirts will be a nice fit for the zone.

Peter expects the shirts with the RKB logo (present on the front and back) to appear every Saturday for the next two seasons!

Here is a picture of the RKB logo presented on the shirts:

RKB Bearings.

Since 1936, RKB has been manufacturing products in the bearing industry, producing over 350 tons of machined steel. With a network of distributors that stretches worldwide, they are able to export their products to over 50 countries.

Visit their website to find out more – www.rkbbearings.com