RKB Rolling Bearings for Coal Pulverizer

RKB’s Marketing and TTU departments are pleased to announce that a new document has been released thanks to the cooperation with the CRMs group!

Due to the real and very valuable results obtained in many different scenarios, a new leaflet has been created: ‘RKB Rolling Bearings for Coal Pulverizer’

‘Our expertise has grown every day, through the years, thanks to the continuous technical improvement of our high-quality application-optimized bearings, the competence of CRMs and the support of TTU staff’

This leads many customers to choose RKB to equip the most critical assemblies of coal pulverises, like the grinding rollers and the grinding table speed reducers.

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RKB Bearings.

Since 1936, RKB has been manufacturing products in the bearing industry, producing over 350 tons of machined steel. With a network of distributors that stretches worldwide, they are able to export their products to over 50 countries.

Visit their website to find out more – www.rkbbearings.com


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