RKB as The Alternative Power

A common feature of all industries is the permanent and increasing need for positive, reliable alternatives in terms of bearings manufacturers and suppliers. During the many years since its foundation, RKB successfully met this need and thus continuously developed and strengthened its market position in an increasing number of industrial sectors and industrial applications. At RKB, we know there is plenty of evidence that supports this statement.

Our over 80 years of uninterrupted presence in the bearings industry means RKB achieved extensive know-how, production capacity, and distribution network for a wide range of high-quality, reliable bearings. This is our solid basis for providing relevant comparative benefits to clients in terms of bearings performance, delivery, service, and training.

In a very competitive industry, we are a rapidly, organically growing producer with, like the current major brands, a fully integrated system. We strongly believe that only through the complete control of the production chain RKB can meet the requirements of, rightly so, increasingly demanding clients and clients’ applications.

 To be The Alternative Power in the bearing industry is not a simple task. Our target is to provide, in calm periods and in times of strong headwinds, customers worldwide with consistent, tangible competitive advantages thanks to our pioneering business model in the bearing industry.

In a time when overclaims are not rare, proofs of the above achievements has an impact. For example, even in the current very difficult market environment, RKB continues to offer good quality services to all our customers, irrespective of their size and business field, thus sustaining their effort to avoid production disruptions and diminished outputs. Our business model based on bearings stocks played a crucial role in this respect.

RKB is supplying top-quality products at competitive prices, which guarantees customers good ROI. Our modern plants and strategically located logistics all over the world provide us with the assurance that our clients will always link the word “satisfaction” with our brand name.

In brief, we believe RKB’s main strengths are:

  • Swiss engineering for cutting-edge solutions and extremely advanced R&D
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Long experience gained through the work in the most advanced western markets, also attained through co-engineering with the most challenging and demanding markets leaders
  • Directly owned and controlled production facilities
  • Fast and flexible production chain
  • Capital intensive strategic stock

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