Ringball Corporation install solar panels

Mississauga Warehouse

BearingNet member since 2000, Ringball Corporation are installing solar panels onto their warehouse roof in Mississauga, Canada.


Mississauga Warehouse

Mississauga Warehouse

Incorporated in 1953, Ringball entered the Bearing and Power Transmission field by representing predominantly European manufacturers of bearings and roller chains.
Having since expanded into a wide range of other Power Transmission products, Ringball was able to develop close ties with reputable manufacturers around the Globe and has today reached a position of being able to offer a truly international product range to its customer base.

Besides office and warehousing facilities throughout Canada , Ringball relies on a vast network of Canadian and U.S. Distributors to assure local product availability and best possible service.


Solar Panels can produce electricity to both commercial and residential buildings by capturing energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. These solar panels use photovoltaic cells to capture the sunlight, and contrary to popular belief do not need to be in direct sunlight for them to work, meaning that even on a cloudy day, the panels will still generate electricity to run different appliances and lighting.

Research in solar energy dates back to 1839 when Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the link between sunlight and electric energy, with a number of patents for products being used with solar energy being filed for in the years following.

Solar energy is a cost efficient, green way of producing electricity for any building and does not produce harmful emissions like carbon dioxide or other pollutants whilst converting the energy. (Some governments even pay you for the energy you produce…even if you’ve already used it!). Famous buildings such as the White House and the Vatican have also installed solar panels to their roofs to provide energy and reduce their carbon footprints!