Race Transmissions sign exclusive agreement with ABB for its Dodge product range

Race Transmissions has been appointed the first accredited UK provider of ABB’s Dodge mechanical power transmission products.

The ABB authorised value provider program has been operating between ABB and its third-party sales channels for over a decade. In the UK this currently covers variable speed drives and low voltage motors. An ABB authorised value provider delivers the accredited offering of sales, support, service and engineering in close cooperation with ABB.
For Race Transmissions this means bringing ABB’s Dodge products and services straight to the customer’s front door, with dedicated support from ABB engineers, as required. With some £500,000 worth of Dodge bearings and transmission products, the company has the largest stockholding outside of the USA, where the products are made.

“We are totally dedicated to serving our UK customers and the European market exclusively with the UK’s largest stock of Dodge products, supplying the full catalogue of items,” says Race Transmissions’ Chris Fell. “We have a ready-stocked UK warehouse and our fleet of vehicles is supported by overnight carriers to ensure speedy, efficient delivery locally, to Europe or worldwide. If you don’t have it on the shelf, you simply won’t get the order. We offer a just in time delivery, so no one needs to wait for anything.”

Although it has been operating in the UK bearings market for 32 years, Race Transmissions was formed in 2016, following a restructuring which
saw it divest its lubrication business. At the same time ABB decided to consolidate its distribution network by offering Race Transmissions UK exclusivity of the Dodge range of Grip -Tight mounted bearings and shaft mounted gear units. Since then Race has grown the business by some 120%, which led to ABB offering the company the opportunity to join its authorised value provider program.
Race Transmissions supplies and supports the full range of Dodge bearings – including mounted E Type taper roller bearings, Grip Tight, E-Z Kleen and the S2000 series spherical bearings. As Dodge products have unique features, they appeal to all users. In particular, the ISN and IP bearings value-add features are ideal for the food & beverage, mining and quarries sectors and those industries using North American made machinery.

“We pride ourselves on our user-friendly approach and our vast knowledge of the many applications using Dodge products. As such we offer an incredibly rapid answer to those companies seeking a quick turnaround for replacing Dodge bearings.”
Qualifying to be an ABB authorised value provider is no easy task, as ABB’s Tristin Hurst explains:
“The vetting process is rigorous, as is the product and application knowledge required to meet ABB’s high integrity standards. Customers can rest assured that wherever they see the ABB authorised value provider logo they are buying into safety and security and genuine parts.”

As a member of the ABB authorised value provider network, customers are guaranteed access to genuine Dodge products with valid warranty periods. This avoids any concerns over either counterfeit bearings or the grey market, whereby products that are several months, if not years, old are pushed back into the market by unauthorised distributors.
Buying from the so-called grey market for bearings in the UK could put both end users and distributors at risk, says Hurst.
“While the products may be genuine, purchases do not necessarily know how the bearings have been stored, under what conditions and for how long. This will affect the warranty, resulting in the manufacturer unwilling to support the product.”
While ABB will continue to support its current original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the bulk of Dodge sales and support is now through Race Transmissions.