PTSOS-Seals – BearingNet branch out into other PT parts

BearingNet branch out into other PT parts

“We believe that the BearingNet business model has worked so well for bearing distributors that it will work with a similar effect for most other popular PT products. And the first trial will be with seals. The reason we chose seals is because this PT type is the second largest quantity of product listed on BearingNet.”

2017 sees the launch of the brand new website developed for seal distributors. Using the current BearingNet search system we have developed a more sophisticated version which supports criteria for other PT types.

BearingNet was formed in 1996 by Peter Annis (Managing Director) and Gary Jenkins (Technical Director), as the first online inquiry and information service designed exclusively for Bearing & Power Transmission Distributors. The basic concept was to help distributors from the Bearing and PT industry, trade hard-to-find, obsolete or surplus bearings more efficiently and effectively, ultimately by networking the bearing industry together.

Today BearingNet connects 1,770 distributors, helping them trade on a daily basis. BearingNet also works closely with manufacturers in a promotional capacity helping them to connect to distributor members worldwide.

BearingNet contains over 10 million inventory items of which there are currently over 600,000 lines of seals inventory listed on BearingNet so it seemed a logical step to develop a system which will help other PT distributors in the same way the platform has helped bearing distributors

1. Why has BearingNet decided to branch out into other PT products?

Peter: It’s because we believe that our business model has worked for bearings, and we think it will work to a similar extent for some of the other popular PT products. And the first trial of that will be seals. The reason we chose seals is because this PT type is the second largest quantity of product listed on BearingNet.

2. Is the new platform PTSOS the same as BearingNet?

Gary: We spent 20 years developing BearingNet to become what it is today. We have worked with a number of seal distributors over the years and although they have said the website worked for them, there was never enough seal inventory to make the membership fee worthwhile. PTSOS – Seals will be exclusively for seal distributors.

From the technical aspect, yes, it is going to be built on the same platform as BearingNet but we are working on improving the search system on BearingNet to include more
dimensional data, which will also be used on the seal website.

3. Who are PTSOS looking to work with?

Peter: As a starting point we will populate the website with the 488 BearingNet customers who are currently listing seals on the BearingNet site. This will give us over 600,000 lines of seal products which is a great starting point to attract other seal distributors to join the new website. We are also offering 6 months free membership to new seal distributors to encourage them to upload their inventory on to PTSOS – Seals. We would really like to work with a seal distributor to help develop the site even further.

4. Are you going to stop with Seals or are you planning on doing the same with more PT types in the future?

Peter: If PTSOS–Seals is successful then it would be fairly easy for us to extend it out to other products, such as belts, drives, gears and clutches. We will see where this takes us first but we could possibly start looking at vertical markets as well, for distributor companies that are dealing exclusively with certain industries eg Paper-mills or Timber.

5. Could you tell me anything about the PTSOS domain?

Gary: The domain was registered in 2001 – we were always looking for a generic website address in case we decided to go with this idea. Our USP is the emergency replacement market so we decided to buy this domain with the thought that we would use it sometime in the future.

6. When will you launch the new website?

Peter: The plan is to hopefully make the site live in the first quarter of 2017. If we are lucky we should have something ready for the end of January but more realistically this is going to be in March, just in time for the Hannover Messe. If you are attending the Hannover Messe and want to find out more about our new service please come and visit our stand for a demo.

7. Will BearingNet users have free access to PTSOS?

Gary: BearingNet users will have free access to the inventory listed on PTSOS, however, they will access the inventory via BearingNet. Both the BearingNet and Seal databases will be linked, so our BearingNet members will have the benefit of seeing all of the inventory through the combined search system and the seal distributors will benefit from the 1,770 potential buyers using BearingNet that will be able to search for their inventory.

8. You have recently launched the BearingNet search app, will PTSOS have one for seals?

Peter: That’s a good question! I can’t think of any reason why we wouldn’t. It would be fairly easy to redevelop if we wanted to. So if it’s successful, if there is enough product demand for it, then yes we will develop an app. But right now we are just focusing on getting the website up and running and finding some customers!

If you are a seal distributor and are interested in finding out more about PTSOS-Seals please contact Chris