Progression driven by challenges. The story of Kettentechnik Roeder

On the outskirts of a small German town in 1969, Engineer Günther Roeder bought several manufacturing machines including a pressing machine for assembly and set them up in a rented barn with aspirations of using his engineering experience to grow a manufacturing business. Initially working with his father in a drive technology trading company, Günther decided to evolve his new company from a supplier for the chain industry to a manufacturer of special chains.

This put Kettentechnik Roeder in a pivotal position within the market with a high level of vertical integration, propelling them into the industry as craftsmen with industrial character. Like any humble business owner, Günther attributed the initial success not only to his drive and ambition but also to his wife, Hannelore and would admit freely that the business would not have been a success without her. The running of the business was split into the technical side with Günther using his engineering experience and Hannelore managing the financial side, as Günther (in his son, Marcus’ words) was “too much of a technician and did not care about the numbers.”

In 1995, Günther Roeder’s son Marcus joined the company following not only a successful mechanical engineering degree but additionally spent 3 years at a printing company. This experience gave Marcus the drive and energy to transform Kettentechnik Roeder: “When I joined the company following my father’s ill health, I was very interested in evolving our work, from a craft business to an industrial company with an international reputation. This is still going on today! We strive to change and evolve around the industry, especially with our 50th anniversary coming up in 2019.”

Progression driven by challenges. Manufacturer News The story of Kettentechnik Roeder Following the retirement of Günther in 1998, Marcus took over as Managing Director with the task of making sales steady again, following a few years of instability. Sitting at his desk enjoying a small glass of Scottish whisky before the 2017 Christmas period began in the town of Willich, Marcus reflected on the number of challenges facing Kettentechnik Roeder in the coming years:
“We see ourselves as the manufacturer of special chains with small needs and I’m certain we should be the chain manufacturer that completely fills this niche. For this, we’ll invest in machinery and measuring equipment to help us fill the niche most effectively and get noticed globally.”
Kettentechnik Roeder joined BearingNet in 2016 and will be attending both the EPTDA annual convention in September 2018 and the BearingNet User Meeting in Warsaw in October 2018. Looking for special chains with specific requirements? Contact Marcus Roeder Email: or call +49 2154 94510