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Although they are not everyday occurrences, bearing failures can affect the manufacturers, resulting in substantial losses. To avoid these unpleasant events, RKB offers customers its help and advisory services at each phase of the asset life cycle, from bearing design and selection to technical recommendations for equipment already in operation. RKB can especially craft their bearings for each customer.

In case of emergencies, RKB also have an impressive stock of products all over the globe. RKB rely on a network of modern logistics hubs in the world’s most strategic areas. The last addition to their network is the new regional warehouse in UAQ Free Trade Zone. At RKB, they offer important attention to their warehouses, and the new one from UAE is not an exception.

New regional warehouse in UAQ Free Trade Zone

Their large and locally-based warehouses solved many critical situations that their clients across the world were facing. They made possible RKB prompt reactions to many urgent clients’ requests and confirmed theirjust-in-time delivery commitment.

RKB have one of the most substantial stocks of rolling bearings worldwide. With over 12.000 part numbers ranging from small to extra-large sizes, the current stock reflects RKB’s commitment to supporting customers from various industries worldwide. Besides a well-stocked warehouse that offers bearing diversity and availability, a strong logistics organisation is strictly necessary to serve efficiently.

For this reason, a proprietary software system runs all RKB stocks. ASSM— Active Stock System Management optimizes the lead time and drastically decreases machine downtime for the customer. Finally, the RKB stock strategy features the JIT(Just-in-time) bundle, which supports a particular form of in-house consignment stock program to ease the customer’s financial position and ensure the availability of requisite spare parts based on a partnership approach.

RKB has an ever-growing network of local warehouses directly run in cooperation with its regional partners to ensure proximity and fast delivery. All storage areas are under controlled environmental conditions to guarantee perfect conservation of the bearings.

Besides, RKB highly specialised packaging, specifically created to protect the bearings in unfavorable conditions, is straightforwardly recognisable and ensures brand identity worldwide.

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