Powered by passion and shooting for success

ConCar participated in a football cup – creating success on and off the office floor.

ConCar has specialised in drive technology for over 40 years. With passion and technical know-how, the Munich based company have everything rolling along nicely.

Founded in 1976, ConCar has stayed on the ball both as successful partners of NSK and SKF but also on the field as a football team.

Participating in the Bavarian Cup, where a total of 19 teams took part, team ConCar ended up being very satisfied with their final result.

The team had a fantastic start to the cup and looked like they were going to end up as champions.

It was a stark change from the previous event, where they played a very bad tournament.

However, they rallied together for this year’s Bavarian Cup and brought the positive attitude and success of ConCar to the team, winning their first game 6-2. Things were clearly much improved from the last cup, thanks to a few new employees, including logistics employee Michal, who apparently is almost as good as his compatriot Robert Lewandowski!

However, things slowly turned sour for this ambitions group of Power Transmission specialists, after losing a crucial game 4-3, having already
led 3-0.

From then on, the situation deteriorated, and the championship was out of reach, with the team achieving a respectable 8th place
out of 19.

But it wasn’t all negative news, because the football was more than about winning, it promoted team building and togetherness. Since a lot of ConCar employees are interested in football, a football tournament was exactly what they needed.

The team was also comprised of a wide range of different people. From a trainee to a Managing Director, colleagues of all ages from almost all departments took part.

ConCar firmly believe their football team can bring success by working together. Head of Sales for Concar’s bearing, coupling and sealing technology department, who plays in the football team, also firmly believes ConCar can help their customers work faster, longer and more precisely.

“Stay on the ball and get help from our bearing department! Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what our customers want from us. And they know exactly what they can expect from us, every day without fail. We will be happy to advise you and deliver bearings from NSK and SKF for a range of different applications and sectors.”

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