Polymer Plated Bearings

Polymer Replaces Plating in New Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Bearings

German automotive supplier MAHLE Engine Components has developed a new lead-free bearing system for heavy-duty truck engines. The system combines engineered polymeric coatings with lead-free bearing linings, and purportedly offers several advantages over other bearings.The first heavy-duty diesel engines to use the new lead-free bearings are slated to appear on vehicles beginning this year, and product development programs for additional applications are already underway with two major engine manufacturers. Production of the lead-free bearing system began this summer at MAHLE’s facility in Atlantic, Iowa.
Improving Wear Resistance
The company’s research shows that MAHLE’s polymer-coated bearings are more resistant to wear and fatigue than other lead-free bearings, which use electroplated coatings. Improved wear resistance helps engine manufacturers accommodate low-viscosity engine oils, which work to improve fuel economy.

Customer testing of the polymer-coated bearings has also shown improved performance over the electroplated alternatives, according to the company.

“Polymer technology is well established in the light- and the medium-duty market for engines under 10 litres in displacement,” said MAHLE’s James George, who suggested that the heavy-duty market is in need of alternatives.

MAHLE’s polymer-coated bearings. (Image courtesy of MAHLE.)

Other reported benefits of the new MAHLE system include improved corrosion resistance and extended oil-drain intervals. Beyond performance enhancements, lead-free bearings also offer environmental benefits as they’re safer and easier to dispose of. The company has also stated that its lead-free, polymer-coated bearing system will offer significant owner-operator cost savings.”Our new bearing system provides a great combination of proven cast-bronze bearing technology with a polymer overlay that features high load capabilities, as well as seizure and wear resistance,” said MAHLE’s Joachim Wagenblast.

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Source: Polymer Replaces Plating in New Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Bearings 

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