PIX – Automotive Paint-shop Belts

Automotive Paint-shop Belts

PIX-PaintPro®-XT Timing Belt has been 3333specially developed for the painting applications, commonly used in automotive paint shops and the machines used for the painting of home appliances, where contamination of the component which is being painted is, unacceptable.
PIX-PaintPro®-XT is a high-temperature  Belt and resistant to the adverse effects of the chemicals or the environment, which exist in the paint-shop areas.

Features & Benefits

• Excellent performance, while operating in the
vicinity of the high-temperature zone
• Enhanced power transmission capacity, comparedpicture-1
to regular Timing Belts
• Maintenance & lubrication-free
• Ozone, oil and heat resistance
• Crack & damage free
• Longer service life
• Temperature range: -30ºC to +150ºC

Compound: Specially designed compound for high-temperature resistance, also providing the best support to the tensile cords to withstand against, shock loads.5555
HSN Backing: Increased wear resistance top surface for protection against oils, chemicals and grease.
Glass cords: The Tension member ensures higher tensile strength and minimal elongation.
Nylon facing: The tough fabric protects the teeth from wear & cracking, provides the best stretch,
lower friction, and lower noise levels leading to a longer service life.

Product Range:


Machines used in Automotive and Home appliances paint-shops

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