PIX Combine Harvester Belts

PIX Combine Harvester Belts are designed as per International Standard norms and are widely used in the market for long-life, low maintenance operation while providing a compelling performance to price ratio.


PIX-Harvester® –  HXS  (Heavy-duty, High-power, Banded Wrap Belts)

Special construction, highly durable, Banded Wrap Belts designed for high tensile strength, high power transmission and compatible with reverse idler.


DUO® – XS (Hexagonal Wrap Belts)

Double-sided V-belts designed for multi-pulley, twin-power frictional drives.



PIX-Harvester® – XS (Agricultural Wrap Belts)

High tensile strength and high wear resistance outer cover. Specially designed for reverse idler applications.


PIX-Enforcer® – XS (High-power, High-strength, Inversely Flexible Wrap Belts)

Best of class Aramid corded Belts specially designed for superior resistance to shock loads and special-woven outer cover fabric for high wear-resistance, flexibility and acute reverse bending drives.



PIX-Harvester® – XV 

(Agricultural Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts)

Special fibre loaded compression compound and cog design for superior power transmission, excellent flexibility and quicker heat dissipation rate in the high-speed variator-drives.

PIX is amongst the most reliable manufacturers in the global Mechanical Power Transmission industry with an extensive range of high-performance V-Belts, Timing and Poly-V belts to suit a wide array of industrial, lawn & garden, agricultural and automotive applications.

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