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Sudbury Derailment Cause Revealed

On the 2nd of June 2013 a Canadian Pacific Railway freight train derailed near Sudbury, with five of its cars falling into the Wahnapitae River.

Bilya Ticaret quote

“We don’t need to stock all kinds of bearings; BearingNet does this for us! My stock, telephone and fax bills have been reduced… The only Net you can profit...

Berlin union calls for 5.5% raise for workers

Germany’s biggest industrial union, IG Metall, is seeking a 5.5% pay increase for around 3.7 million workers in Europe’s biggest economy next year.

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Euro zone industry output rises – September 2014

Factories in the euro zone saw a slight output rise in September, lifted by machinery and energy however making it clear that the purchasing of cars and televisions is not increasing...

SKF – Everywhere in time

Ag Chains Plus joins IDC-USA

At the end of October IDC-USA announced that the Oregon based Ag Chains Plus has joined IDC’s cooperative. Ag Chains Plus is a distributor of agricultural parts and service...

Medway release new Dunlop Catalogue

NEW DUNLOP CATALOGUE OUT NOW! From UK origins, more than 100 years ago, the DUNLOP brand name has established itself with an enviable reputation for high quality products. Our NEW...

Continental AG run into acquisition issues in the USA

Due to US regulatory issues, Continental AG may not be able to close its acquisition of industrial hoses and conveyer belts manufacturer, Veyance Technologies.

Timken acquire Revolvo as part of their continued growth strategy