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endering of a double spiral galaxy

“Warp Speed Mr Sulu”

This classic line from Star Trek, although not as famous as the misquoted “Beam me up Scotty,” may actually one day be true. Last year NASA revealed they had...

Windows 95 is back!

Ok well not officially, and not exactly as you remember it. It has returned from the dead 20 years after it’s release on the Samsung Gear Live. Yep, a...

TITAN visits Siemens at Hannover Messe

Quirijn Fabrie ABF Bearings quote

“With more than 2 million bearings available, BearingNet is a very important platform for ABF Bearings. It has allowed us to reach more customers and do more business on...
Still from Timken cartoon from 1959

Big Tim The Train Vintage Educational Cartoon for Children – 1959, The Timken Company

One Source Industrial supporting breast cancer

One Source Industrial Sales supporting Breast Cancer in October

In the month of October One Source Industrial Sales will donate 2% of gross sales to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Lexington Affiliate, Pink Prom.

Games for Friday!

Not just for Friday of course! Here is a selection of quick fun games to kill five minutes! [online–games]

One man’s magic quote Robert A. Heinlein

“One man’s ‘magic’ is another man’s engineering. ‘Supernatural’ is a null word.” Robert A. Heinlein
Still from a Hyatt Bearing vintage ad

Hyatt Roller Bearings vintage advert

Still from A new day at SKF Logistics Services Italy

A new day at SKF Logistics Services Italy