NTN Donates Two Units of “NTN Hybrid Street Lights”

For regional disaster and crime prevention measures, and as a proposal for locally produced and consumed renewable energy NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has donated two units of “NTN Hybrid Street Lights,”*1 which generate power using wind and solar light, to Iwata City in Shizuoka Prefecture, as one initiative aimed at coexisting with local communities as part of the company’s 100th-anniversary activities.

The two “NTN Hybrid Street Lights” were installed at the entrance area of Ryuyo Kaiyo Park in the southwestern district of Iwata City, as well as at the top of Ryuyo Fuji where there is a viewing tower and which is also an evacuation area in the event of a tsunami. They will be used to provide guide lighting at community evacuation areas, security lighting and as an emergency power supply.

A donation ceremony was held at the Iwata City Office on February 1, where NTN Executive Vice President Inoue presented Iwata City Mayor Watanabe with records of the donations. Mayor Watanabe expressed his gratitude: “Thank you for this donation of NTN Hybrid Street Lights. The installation location of Ryuyo Fuji also serves as an evacuation area, and residents will be able to evacuate safely even at night. NTN is a company that has close ties with the local community, and I want to continue to have this good relationship where both NTN and our city can think that the establishment of NTN business site in our city was the best choice.”

With NTN’s 100th anniversary approaching on March 1, 2018, the company will donate a total of 17 “NTN Hybrid Street Lights” to five locations within Japan, as part of efforts to express appreciation to local communities that have given support over the years but also hope to be together with them.*2

In addition to Iwata Works that manufactures products for automobiles and some engineering departments, NTN has R&D bases for products and manufacturing methods that use the newest technologies in Iwata City. Iwata City has also cooperated with NTN in many other areas, including demonstration tests*3 for NTN products like the “In-wheel Motor System” for electric vehicles (EVs).

In the city, NTN also has been running a demonstration test*4 of the “NTN Vertical Axis Wind Turbine [10 kW]” from March last year at “Iwata Eco Park,” which is located next to Ryuyo Kaiyo Park where the “NTN Hybrid Street Lights” were installed


“NTN Hybrid Street Light” installed at the top of Ryuyo Fuji, an evacuation area in Ryuyo Kaiyo Park

NTN will continue contributing to the development of a low carbon society by proposing locally produced and consumed energy, through the development of natural energy products.


About “NTN Hybrid Street Lights”

The “NTN Hybrid Street Light” generates power from two forms of natural energy; wind and solar light, to charge batteries and power LED lights that turn on at night. Its vertical axis wind turbine with a proprietary blade shape does not disturb the air around it or generate any swooshing sounds. It makes almost no noise and can be installed in various areas of local communities, including public facilities such as parks and schools, as well as commercial buildings. The built-in battery provides power for illumination for 5 days when fully charged, and features an independent power supply that can be used as an emergency power supply during disasters or power outages.



Source: NTN Donates Two Units of “NTN Hybrid Street Lights” to Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture|Press Release:2018|News|NTN Global