Need A Trusted Partner For Mining Industry Chains?

The mining industry obviously requires the toughest possible equipment. Luckily, John King Chains are highly experienced when it comes to the strongest chains for your machinery.

Our origins lie in the mechanisation of the UK’s coal industry in the early 20th century when we produced pit tub plain bearings. Established in 1926, our company has been working with this industry ever since to produce a wide range if chains and accessories, including:

  • Tram chains based on standard transmission chain constructions but used for feed applications and continuous mining machinery.
  • Engineering class shuttle car chains which can enhance the productivity or continuous mining machinery, and combination shuttle car chains.
  • Feeder breaker chains designed to act as first phrase crushers of mined  mineral materials such as coal, limestone, potash, gypsum and PET coke.
  • Drop forge rivetless chains with extended pins.
  • BC bucket clamps for CH series chains, designed to operate with friction drives and tooth sprocket wheels.

Whatever the type of chains you require for the mining industry, John King Chains promise the highest quality chains and accessories, manufactured by a company that benefit from decades of experience.

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Source: John King Chains