MORI Srl, RKB’s official partner

For many years, MORI Srl has been RKB’s official partner. Their cooperation is not limited only to the Italian Market, but also covers exports to foreign markets, where Mori Group is extremely active, offering a full range of products.

Since its founding in 1935, MORI Srl has developed from a strictly local company to one which has become well known and respected at international level.

Found in Codogno, Italy, the Headquarters of Mori is a nice model of how the RKB Marketing Department can enhance their network, setting up a good brand image, while using the colors and the logo of RKB Group.

RKB Europe.

Since 1936, RKB has been manufacturing products in the bearing industry, producing over 350 tons of machined steel. With a network of distributors that stretches worldwide, they are able to export their products to over 50 countries.

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