More than a workplace – World Bearing Trade offices leading in the bearing industry

A recent study carried out by Dale Office Interiors indicated that nearly half of respondents said: “having a variety of spaces to both works and de-stress in would be the best step towards improving their productivity.”
World Bearing Trade (WBT) have attempted to ‘buck the trend’ in the bearing industry with an office that could not only be a showroom, but a great place to work – giving them the opportunity to deliver the best possible service to their customers whilst also providing their employees with areas to relax and de-stress.

WBT was started in 1996 and soon outgrew its small office. In 2001, the first business property was founded. In 2014 WBT moved to their current office near to the port of Rotterdam, in a building with a warehouse of 2.800 m2 filled with A-brand bearings.
Whilst designing their office and stockroom, the owners wanted to make sure that they created a place with a good atmosphere, the latest technologies and appliances to ensure their employees had the right tools to perform at their best. The building and rooms in it had to reflect what World Bearing Trade stands for.
Amongst the modern architecture, warm colours and ample lighting, employees also have access to a well-equipped kitchen and dining area, a professional gym where employees can take part in classes, and even a small bar for after work socialising.

“We believe a workplace should be a place where people feel at ease. Customers, as well as employees, should all feel welcome. Our company philosophy “big enough to handle your needs, small enough to care” does not only apply to our customers, but to our employees as well.

The philosophy of WBT is not just about coming to work and doing your job, it’s also realising that these are people that work for the company. Providing them with home comforts and spaces to unwind is essential if we want people who work here to be happy people.”

Not only is comfort considered but safety as well, the large stockroom is well equipped with the latest technologies and appliances.
“Thanks to the great atmosphere, partly created by the really modern large-sized offices, I really enjoy working at WBT. World Bearing Trade is known for their familial bond; it reflects in the things they do for their personnel. The secondary working conditions are great; daily fresh fruit and two gyms are just two examples”.