Mondial S.p.A  – Unitec paves the way for the future of bearings

Unitec paves the way for the future of bearings

UNITEC is the leading company in designing and manufacturing high precision cylindrical roller bearings for machine tools and in the development of customized bearings for the steel industry and for other industrial sectors. Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, UNITEC is part of the Mondial Group.

UNITEC: production of special cylindrical roller bearings

In the overview of  Mondial Group activities, UNITEC is specialized in the production of special cylindrical roller bearings and provides high precision solutions for machine tools and general industry.

From the early stages of the project, the company is able to provide to its customers all over the world with a qualified technical assistance and solutions

constantly fitting the market requirements, combined with an excellent service. Machine tools, iron and steel industry, plastic and paper industry, are just a few examples of applications where UNITEC bearings have proved to give advantages. In the field of machine tools, the product range is based on three main lines: RTB axial‐radial roller bearings for rotary tables and milling heads. SRB roller bearings for ball screw support, in different configurations: with flange, with seal riding ring, with flange and seal carrier ring, and XRB customized cross roller bearings.

Targeted responses for the machine tool requirements

Each type of bearing meets very specific needs. For example, RTB series is particularly suitable to be used in rotating, positioning and indexing tables as well as head support for milling and boring machines, where features like precision and stiffness are basic requirements. Radial needle roller bearings combined with axial cylindrical roller bearings of UNITEC SRB series improve, on the other hand, the static and dynamic stiffness of the reciprocating ball screws.

This type of bearings, with high load capacity, are also available in the following versions:

‐ SRB‐F with fixing flange;

‐ SRB‐L with extended seal riding ring.

‐ SRB‐FL with flange and extended seal riding ring.

To complete the offer of ball screw support bearings, seal carriers and a wide range of precision locknuts are also available.

XRB: UNITEC’s industrial automation
The third type of bearings for machine tools complies to all those situations where a standard bearing cannot find the immediate application. Customized crossed cylindrical roller bearings XRB are designed and manufactured exclusively on customer’s request.

This bearing is ideal for applications in different fields such as machine tools, industrial automation, medical and many others. Its versatility is due to the compact design and the ability to withstand combined loads as well as high tilting moments. The features of UNITEC XRB series crossed roller bearing, make it the ideal solution in case of limited space available in the installation, or when mass gravity centres are required to run with low friction. Vertical axis rotary tables, positioning tables, horizontal and vertical spindles and robots arms are the key application for this bearings. Special executions with flanged rings provided with holes to be matched to direct motors, allow to reach higher precision alignment and dynamic performance shortening the assembly time.

Positioning accuracy with the RTB‐AMS version
RTB AMS  version of axial‐radial roller bearings, with integrated inductive encoder, has been specially designed to provide a solution that matches perfectly with direct motors. RTB bearings AMS integrate the precision angular measurement system AMOSIN and are combined with double effect axial‐radial bearing designed for supporting rotating tables and spindle heads for machines tools. Constructive precision, low friction torque levels, high load capacity and rigidity place them in the market at the top quality levels and make them suitable to support installations where direct motors are expected. The system is available on demand in customized configurations with different levels of precision and resolution and software set up is not required.

For applications with rotational speed higher than the standard,  UNITEC has developed the RTB HS version suitable for applications in machines with turning and milling tables.

New RTB ABS manufactured by UNITEC
Unitec showed at the  EMO fair in Hannover the new RTB‐ABS  combined axial‐radial roller bearings with an integrated absolute inductive encoder. It is a standardized solution with a new generation high performance processor and with a design to ease the mounting. In the new RTB‐ABS the signal processor is integrated into the reading head and, thanks to the high system modularity and completeness,  Mondial is able to supply this product with different grades of accuracy to meet the specific requirements for the machine tool. The available configurations with built-in electronics into the reading head have 1000 µm pitch scale in 2 precision classes +/‐ 3 µm and +/‐5 µm interface without problems with the most common  PLC in the market.

The new RTB ABS adds to the range of axial‐radial cylindrical roller bearings for indexing tables and milling‐boring heads which are part of the version RTB AMS with integrated inductive encoder and the RTB HS for high rotational speed.

Corporate Information
Mondial S.p.A., founded in 1946, is today one of the most important companies in the distribution of power transmissions components. In addition to representing leading foreign brands, Mondial designs and manufactures a wide range of specialty products to meet at most the needs of many industrial sectors. The presence of qualified technical and commercial personnel throughout the Italian territory guarantees optimal assistance to all customers.
Mondial S.p.A. is the parent company of other companies operating in different industries. Unitec specialized in the design and production of special bearings  with headquarter in Piacenza;

ITM‐UNITEC, that distributes the wide range of UNITEC products on the  German market, with particular attention to bearings for applications in industrial sectors such as steel, paper, plastic extruders and several other sectors.