Mineral Circles Bearings Makes A Big Comeback In This Edition of Automechanika Dubai

Showcasing decades of market intelligence with new brands and a wider product portfolio

Mineral Circles Bearings is finally ready to bounce back from its two-year-long hiatus as it finally confirms its participation at Automechanika Dubai this June 2020 at Hall 3 Stand 3G12.

As one of the hailed prominent key players in the monumental event for the automotive aftermarket industry, Mineral Circles Bearings resurges from its interlude and is set to dominate its homecourt once again – and this time, it’s much bigger than what everybody is expecting! Visitors will be witnessing a series of knowledge exchange and interesting technical conversations with its seasoned experts as a big reveal is about to unfold in this much-awaited 3-day event for the automotive aftermarket industry.


Watch Out For Our Event Highlights

A comeback wouldn’t be complete without a “bang”! Since its debut in Automechanika Dubai 2015, SNR wheel bearing kits will remain in the spotlight highlighting its incomparable quality and safety. As the sole authorized distributor in the UAE, this will be the best opportunity for Mineral Circles to underline its convenience and benefits specifically for top European vehicle brands.

Joining the SNR brand in providing quality and innovative wheel bearing kits in the region is no other than the new addition in MCB’s brand portfolio – SKF. Mineral Circles Bearings’ new partnership with SKF, a global leader and knowledge engineering partner paved its way to being the first company to introduce SKF’s wheel bearing, timing, and accessory belt kits to the market which is very timely for the burgeoning automotive market in the region. With SKF and Mineral Circles’ newly inked agreement, both pacesetters are set to expand their footprint specifically for the Automotive market.

These two premium brands are global business leaders known to manufacture high caliber kits that are fit for leading car brands such as Nissan, Volvo, Renault, Honda and more!

“Dubai’s strategic geographical location makes it a safe destination for business and trade because of a few factors. Geography-wise, it’s the meeting point of two strong (the Middle East and Africa) which makes it more accessible for any people who want to invest in new or current businesses,” Managing Director Hassanein Alwan reiterates when asked what compelled him to bring back the whole team in the show.


Get The Latest News About MCB’s Product Range Expansion 

Market expansion is in full throttle with wider product options!

For the past years, Mineral Circles Bearings has established itself as a strong and reliable partner for Japanese applications, with the help of its strong partnership agreement with leading brands such as ILJIN, MBS KBC, and Musashi. Hassanein Alwan sees there’s a bigger potential to penetrate a wider market audience with the collaboration of MCB’s premium partners – SNR and SKF

“These two brands are globally known to cover at least 98% of European vehicle-in-operations (VIO). This will put an end to the difficulty of the MEA region to have easy access to European car brands as our partnership is more centred on serving the European car parts and fleets. This will fortify our strength in the region as their trusted partner considering the vast scope of the market we will be covering in the years to come,” Alwan stated.

Visitors of Mineral Circles Bearings at Hall 3 | Stand 3G12 will be witnessing the debut of new product categories for the vehicle aftermarket industry where tools for powertrain, drivetrain and wheel bearing will be introduced in the market.

Just In Time For Dubai Expo 2020 

The world will be watching. But, what’s in it for the Automotive industry?

Dubai’s economic situation is globally known for its progressive growth in the field of mobility and technology claiming its spot in the top 5 best cities for entrepreneurs. The country’s advanced infrastructure and facilities make it easier to be accessed by traders and through different means such as sea and air freight services.
“With 2020 in sight, it’s expected to positively impact the market’s growth in a way that it can give new opportunities for the automotive sector to drastically grow. This growth could pave way for automotive companies and any industry verticals to have access for more business opportunities,” Alwan added regarding the ever-growing Automotive sector in the country.


Our Exhibiting Brands To Look Forward To

You’re in for a treat in this edition with Mineral Circles Bearings! With its strong foothold in diverse applications and technical solutions, Mineral Circles’ is set to give you diverse options and tailor-made solutions considerably for MEA region:

1.NTN – Have an in-depth understanding of Japanese technology with one of the global leading ball bearing suppliers. Made in Japan, expect premium quality from NTN!
2.SNR Automotive Range– Equipped with the latest technology, watch out as Mineral Circles’ re-introduces SNR Wheel Bearing kits with its guaranteed efficiency and benefits for thousands of latest car models and OE applications.
3.ILJIN – Genuine Korean craftsmanship? Take it from ILJIN! Get a first-hand experience of ILJIN’s wealth of knowledge in manufacturing OE parts for leading automotive American and Korean models. Distributorship is open for interested parties.
4.MCB – Spend less for a quality that’s best. MCB as a trusted economical brand is about to take centre stage once again as it’s set to highlight its competitive solution offers for its automotive range, lubrication, and universal joints. Distributorship opportunity is open for interested parties.
5.     SKF – With the highly-touted & newly inked partnership, witness the latest bearing technology inside SKF’s bearings in its special debut in the country with Mineral Circles Bearings as its trusted distributor in the Middle East for the automotive range!

6.     Musashi Oil Seal – Take advantage of witnessing Japanese craftsmanship with Musashi Oil Seal with its trusted and advance oil seal technology for excellent bearing protection!

Streamlining Business Operations Through Digitalization

Undeniably, the ability to provide an impeccable after-sales service will always remain on top of the business hierarchy partnered with quality, durability and product competence. The MEA market is scaling up its gameplan in order to provide the best service to its consumers and the highest priority goes to innovation as to how businesses, especially in the automotive industry, can serve its customers at scale.

Alwan mentioned, “At this point, we’re keen to highlight our advantage as a trusted technical service provider in the region. We are slowly veering away from the traditional way of doing business as we embrace industry 4.0 and digital innovation. In which, most of our business practices are digital-based to ensure that we keep ourselves abreast with the latest market demand and trend,”




About Mineral Circles Bearings

Mineral Circles Bearings (MCB) is one of the Middle East and Africa’s knowledge experts in the automotive and industrial aftermarket sectors. With more than 3 decades of proven experience in the bearing industry, it has established a strong foothold in the automotive aftermarket industry with its trusted distributorship from the leading brands (SKF, NTN, SNR, BOWER, MBS, ILJIN, KBC, MCB, Musashi) for the Middle East and African region.



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