KIS Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG like many others, have had no choice but to adapt since the outbreak of the virus

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses across the world in a range of industries to grind to a halt. We caught up with KIS who took it upon themselves to develop their company throughout the year. 

Like many others, KIS have had no choice but to adapt since the outbreak of the virus which led to all staff having portable devices allowing them to work from home. This also meant a lot of communication was done over Microsoft Teams as the day-to-day operations at the business had to carry on.

KIS are continuously improving and reinforcing their sales network to enable them to provide the best customer care and service they can. This is then reinforced by KIS adding Spain to their permanent base of operation as it has allowed them to expand further. Additionally, throughout 2020, KIS also improved their trainee program which has increased their staff capabilities.

At KIS they have a highly capable measuring laboratory which can undergo certain tasks such as 3-Dimensional inspection, spectrometry, hardness of materials, lubricant chemistry, functionality test, surface condition, noise and vibrations and designated personal quality control. They also manufacture slewing bearings up to 8 metres in diameter, produce special bearings according to specific requirements and customise bearing components.

And although 2020 was a tough year, the demand they received was still high. They therefore invested a considerable amount of money to extend their storage facilities. This expansion has led to an increased availability with their products and subsequently caused shorter lead times.

However, to reduce the effects they have as a business they built a self sustaining building with a cistern for internal water supply and a rooftop solar farm which provides them with a renewable energy source. Their surplus energy is then sold back to the local energy grid, so it is not unnecessarily wasted.

In the same way, to allow for this high demand and maintain the efficient process they already had, KIS have updated their packaging line with new features such as the installation of cranes for heavy loads, a new mechanical area and prototype workshop. This enables the company’s workshops to create individual customisation/special items, produce customer specific laser-marking as well as improving their assembly line for components and modules.

There were a lot of uncertainties throughout the COVID-19 pandemic but KIS turned this into an opportunity to improve, develop and expand which will continue to help them when both the industry and world return to ‘normal’.

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