KÄRCHER Company has evaluated the quality of BBC-R bearings

KÄRCHER Company has evaluated the quality of BBC-R bearings

The Baltic Bearing Company constantly evaluate the product quality as any bearing manufacturer.

Manufacturing monitoring is carried out through constant self-assessment, internal audits, product control in the production process, and also before shipment to the consumer.

External control is carried out not only through periodic confirmation of compliance with the standards of the quality management system of our enterprise by specialized supervisory authorities but also by assessing the product quality by the consumer.

A demonstrative example of such assessment is the PPM rating.

This month, one of our OEM partners, Karcher, provided the inspection report of the PPM assessment of our company.

The result of the assessment showed no deviations in the product quality during the reporting period of deliveries (0 PPM).

Quality management congratulate the Baltic Bearing Company team with successful result!

Up to date, the main goal of our company is the production and sale of consistently high-quality products at an affordable price.

For all questions regarding product realization, distribution and stock balances, you can contact the central sales office.

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