iOS8 Top 5 Features

With a new iPhone comes a new release of iOS for iPhone and iPad, and it has a host of new features. For a quick run down of some of the best new bits, keep reading!

First of all, before you update to iOS8 be sure to check your device is compatible and backup your device. But once you have done that you can enjoy all of this and more.


Apple’s file sharing now works between iOS and Mac. And with Handoff, a new feature, you can start a task on one device and instantly pick it up on another.

Handoff also allows iPads and Macs to place and answer phone calls using the iPhone as a relay. You can also receive SMS messages!

Health app

With more and more people using their iPhone and other smartphones to keep track of their health and fitness, Apple have introduced Health. It acts as a tool to aggregate all the data collected from all your other health and fitness apps, allowing you to see all your improvement in one place.

Family Sharing

A major new feature, Family Sharing lets families of up to six people share apps, books, music, movies and more across their devices!

Last location

You can set your phone or iPad to send it’s last known location to Apple before it’s battery dies. So if you lose your device your have a better chance of finding it!

Identify music

Siri now has Shazam integration, so you can ask Siri “What song is playing?” and it will listen to the ambient sound and use Shazam to tell you the song!