Instant access to bearing stock list with 24/7 automated Sales support in the Aftermarket industry made possible by Mineral Circles

Imagine waiting for 1-2 working days just to know that the urgent bearing you’re looking for is out of stock? That’s a story of the past with Mineral Circles Bearings.

MCB has made it easier for everyone to have easy access to its selected, fast-moving part numbers without needing to wait for more than a minute. It is that lightning fast!

This feature is accessible by everyone through MCB’s official website; and is easily detectable at the right top part of the website page.

Website visitors can type the part number of the bearing they’re looking for inside the Search For Available Stock box without needing to sign in nor register. They’ll have access to a wide range of offers from different leading brands such as NTN, SNR, SKF, MCB, ILJIN, and the ability to check the available quantity in stock.

The best thing about this feature is that it all happens in real-time, with no human interaction, and with the flexibility to customise their RFQ list. This customer-centric approach speeds up the entire customer journey without involving any manual processes that lead to a much longer and tedious lead time, which results in loss of sales conversions.

This feature was enabled to address the needs of individual buyers who require a specific bearing unit at a small quantity. On the other hand, end-users that require dedicated technical support, and a bigger RFQ list may opt for their multichannel communications including Telegram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

These channels can provide multilingual support in Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian and Hindi languages; and are powered by an automation technology that can help customers access MCB’s online catalogues, talk to a Live agent, and even book a meeting 24/7.

For a business that mainly caters to the needs of operations-focused organisations, instant support and availability confirmation can help build trust and credibility faster. As technology slowly changes the overall operations in the aftermarket industry, it also directly impacts the expectation of each end-user and consumer from any service provider. In 10 years, a good product portfolio will be completely futile, if businesses continue to overlook the importance of simplifying their business operations and customer journey.

For more information, visit the Mineral Circles Bearings website today!