How the quality of your bearings can make all the difference

Working with heavy-duty equipment, safety and durability have to be two of the highest priorities. If hoists, boom loaders, cranes or any other pieces of equipment can’t hack the pressure, the repercussions are enormous. Not only can the quality of your bearings impact the project, but it can impact the safety of your workforce, your clients and your end-users.

Every element that makes up your equipment needs to be to the highest standards. Any compromises come at a cost down the line. Projects should always start with an advantage — the most heavy-duty, high-performing bearings on the market.

What Makes Bearings High Quality?

Not all bearings are made the same. High-quality bearings last longer, they can handle a higher load capacity, they are low friction, have a low wear rate, and can handle misalignment, high temperatures, and chemicals. They are durable.

Take Bowman’s BowMax as an example. These bearings are made from material that has been specially developed to handle high loads, vibrations and a corrosive environment, where maintenance-free operation is preferred. As a result of extremely low absorption rates, the BowMax bearings perform exceptionally for wet and submerged applications.

BowMax is a dry-running bearing with a unique sliding surface with PTFE and PES fibres in an epoxy resin. The surface of the bearing permits low friction operation that requires no lubrication or maintenance. If lubrication is present, there are no negative effects on the bearing.

Insensitive to edge loading and shock loads, and with a combination of high load capacity and a low coefficient of friction, BowMax enables high-performance constructions, with a significant advantage over products with bronze bearings that require relubrication.

What Applications Require High-Quality Bearings

Bearings, like the Bowman BowMax, stand out in use for equipment such as high-duty cranes, earth moving equipment, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, material handling equipment and food processing systems. Any application that requires heavy-duty bearings that are self-lubricating, non-corrodible, and high load-bearing.

Salt, water, dirt, oil can all have different impacts on the service of equipment and bearings, but BowMax operates optimally in all conditions with an extremely low wear rate.

High-quality bearings save you a fortune on repairs, give you peace of mind, and ensure your equipment is of the highest standards for any application.

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