How moving facilities made it easier for everyone at PTI to maintain social distancing

PTI Europa A/S tell the industry about their experience during the pandemic and how they’ve managed to move into new facilities, hire more staff and improve their webshop.

“We have been lucky during the pandemic as we only experienced a minimal financial loss and we were not forced to let go of any of our staff.

Last year we moved our whole stock, stock personnel and some other departments to the new location in Tønder, Denmark. This has made it easier for us to maintain social distancing as the new facility, boasting 12,000m2 offers more than enough space for all of us.

Our warehouse and workshop are our most vulnerable places, and it is hard to not be nervous about how the pandemic can change everything from one minute to the next. To prevent getting close to each other, we are having our lunch breaks in shifts and are very focused on washing and sanitising our hands. During the lockdown period our sales personnel worked from home but are now mostly back in the office.”

They still work from home if needed, for example if they feel a bit under the weather, yet are well enough to work.

“Similarly to the rest of the world, the travel restrictions of course have affected PTI in that our key account managers have not been able to meet with customers face-to-face.

What we have done to keep in touch with both old and new customers is to have more focus on online meetings and to be easily reachable online.

Additionally, we have improved our web shop, now making it possible to use filter functions on the products hat are changing with each category.

This should make it easier and faster for our customers to find the right products. We therefore encourage all our customers to try it out and if you don’t already have an account, you can easily request one on our homepage, where you are able to see prices, availability and much more around the clock. You can of course go directly from the BearingNet search to our products via the webshop link too.

In 2020 we hired 3 new staff members and our focus was to not let the pandemic affect us too much in a negative way. Instead we focused on improving sales, building new offices and in general trying to maintain a positive mindset. If you want to follow the building process you can check out our homepage, Facebook and LinkedIn where we will upload the pictures regularly.

We were of course, like everyone else looking forward to the BearingNet User Meeting in Berlin first in March and then in August, and were gutted when it had to be postponed again. We surely hope the situation around COVID-19 is better in 2021 making it possible for us to attend BearingNet networking events and meet both customers, suppliers and friends as they now have become. Until then stay safe and healthy.”

If you would like to find out more information about PTI visit their website or get in touch below!

Phone: +45 7478 2515

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