How does choosing the right sealing technology contribute to reliability and productivity in the automotive and industrial industry?

How does choosing the right sealing technology contribute to reliability and productivity in the automotive and industrial industry

The automotive and industrial industries are both powered by numerous rolling elements. Both industries are reliant on grease to reduce the friction and wear in the application. However, despite its added benefits in any rolling elements, it also poses certain risks to some end users.

The first risk is improper lubrication. Without the right lubrication solution, the application itself wouldn’t be able to achieve its optimal performance, or worse, it would deteriorate over time. The second risk is nothing else but contamination. Contamination, without proper sealing, can pose a potential risk of disruption in the business’ overall revenue and operation.

Advanced sealing technology for an operation that’s risk and worry-free

Contamination no longer scares the right mechanic, and technical service provider given the availability of numerous sealing technology that prevents such error from occurring. Oil seals, which are also called rotary shaft seals, serves as a line of defense against contaminants that can ingress into and egress from the application. These protective components consist of an outer circular metal part, and an inner flexible element, that provide a certain pressure on the shaft to prevent leakage from happening. Thus, protecting the whole application from possible contamination and leakage.

Generally, oil seals are circular in shape as it allows better movement in the bearing housing, however, certain oil seal applications may still require specific requirements that involve certain design, size, and quality. The technical precision of certain requirements allows the seal to maximize its service life, and at the same time guarantees protection from corrosion and damage.

Choosing the right quality for an uncompromised production service

With the number of available options in the market, always invest in proven and trusted quality. A small investment for a small component can dramatically increase the service life, and production output of any business. Global leaders such as Musashi Oil Seal leads the global distribution of cost-effective OEM quality oil seals, power steering seal and valve stem kit to most Japanese automotive market leaders such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Nissan and more. The ingenuity behind its Japanese craftsmanship makes it a reliable and durable choice for a wide range of automotive applications and industrial applications such as agricultural, oil, gas, gearboxes, electric motors, industrial pumps, fans.

Reliability and durability are just a few advantages that a user can get from choosing the right brand for the right job. In addition to these lists, going with a reliable quality can ensure the following advantages:

Ability to perform in extreme environments (– 70°C and +260°C)
Long shelf life
Easy assembly
Low friction properties
Increased strength properties to work in stressful environments

Improve machine reliability

Technical analysis and utilization of precise technical solutions are still the best and recommended practices to be taken, especially for the manufacturing or service industry. This saves businesses the headache of costly unplanned downtime from unexpected equipment failure caused by contamination or, any other disregarded mechanical issues.

Oil seal is considered an inexpensive mechanical component, but it can undeniably improve machine reliability, productivity, and service performance. It’s imperative to adhere to its proper installation guidelines to ensure that your oil seal serves its expected service life. These guidelines would also ensure the safety of your expensive types of machinery.

Technical help is easily accessible through different mediums. If you have any doubt, it’s better to get in touch with your trusted technical service provider and trusted oil seal supplier for best results and accurate technical guidance. As their expertise can help you in optimizing your overall service life.


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