Hidden Google features you could be missing out on!

gogleGoogle is used by millions of people every day. But how many people know about all the different features it has to offer?!  Here are some great Google tools that you probably didn’t even know existed…and they are free!

Google Flight Search
This is one of the best online comparison websites for finding the cheapest flight around. Pick your start point and destination, chose your dates and then find the cheapest option.

Google Flight Status
Type in your flight number into the search bar and Google will tell you where the flight is going from and to, what time it left and what time it is expected to arrive. You can even find out the terminal information.

Google Public Data Explorer
This is a specialised search site for public statistics. Keep your searches simple, like “US unemployment rates” and you will be presented with a graph of results that can easily be tweaked with options such as, age, gender and state.

Google Translations
This is an excellent tool to help you translate text in a different language, however do not rely on it to be word perfect! If you want to translate your own text keep sentences short and uncomplicated – you will have a better chance of getting the translation correct and the other person being able to understand your text.

Google Chrome
It is always good to have a number of web browsers available on your computer, if for some reason one is playing up then you always have another one to work with. Google Chrome has the fastest loading time of all browsers, it is simple to use and has great security. Chrome’s use of “sandboxing,” isolating Internet commands from the operating system and other apps and data, makes it harder for hackers to load malware onto PCs.
Google Chrome will also translate the web page you are using – this is extremely helpful if you are looking at a webpage that is no available in your language.

Google Time Zone
If you need to quickly find out what time it is in another country just type in “time in Italy” and it will tell you their local time.

Google Package Tracking
If you have a package tracking number from the USPS, UPS or FedEx, simply plug it into Google Search and it will provide a convenient link for you.