Hannover Messe 2017 – How was it for you?

Hannover Messe 2017 – How was it for you?


BearingNet participated in this year’s Hannover Messe in the Motion Drive and Automation Hall, our 9th appearance at the Fair!

Our main purpose when taking part in this fair is to meet with our customers…


…and to visit the Munchner Halle for a beer (or 5!!)


Hannover is an excellent way for us to do this, we probably got to see over 100 customers during the week!!

We also use Hannover to find new distributor leads and to meet with Manufacturers interested in using our ManEx package.

We found time to talk to some of our customers who were exhibiting to ask how their week was and what’s new for them in 2017. This is what they said…..

ZEN Group (BearingNet member since 1997)

“Once again the Zen stand featured it’s very own ‘Zen Bar’ serving wine, dark and blonde beer accompanied by Manchego Cheese and Spanish Ham!

The Bar was a great meeting point for our customers as well as a nice relaxed atmosphere for new leads.

Zen’s main objective this year is to enhance our brand awareness, our POP Art inspired stand was designed to give a fresh and exciting look. We have also got a Rolls Royce engine on our stand this week from a Spitfire, V12 27L capacity…it has definitely been a great way to get people to stop at our stand!

We also have several new products to promote, including the Ceramic Bearing and Stainless Steel range. As well as this, we are looking to expand out distributor network globally!

Zen are now moving more towards manufacturing side of business, we have a brand-new website with a better design, which gives much better technical information on the products.

We will also be attending the BearingNet Meeting in Madrid and look forward to seeing everyone there!”


Dunlop BTL Ltd (BeairngNet member since 2000 and a ManEx member since 2015)

“This is our first time at the Hannover Messe. We decided to participate in the trade show as Dunlop is a global brand and people need to know about us!

We are looking for new distributors and this exhibition is where the world meets. So far this week we have received inquiries from all over the world.

We are also here to advertise our new range of premium bearings, which is an equivalent of SKF explorer range and Dunlop Ultra V+ Wedge belts.

Dunlop will be exhibiting at the BearingNet Meeting in Madrid next, we are very much looking forward to this, meeting up with everyone in the industry and getting the opportunity to talk to new companies.”


Challenge Power Transmission Ltd (BearingNet member since 2001)

“This year is our 7th Hannover Messe and it’s been a really good show for us. In our opinion, there have been fewer visitors this year but the quality of the visitor has been much better. We have met some great people this week!

Our main focus this year is promoting our special conveyor chains. We are promoting special products made to the customer’s requirement.

As well as this, we have opened a new factory in China and will be attending the next show in Hannover in 4 weeks which will be held on 22 -26 May Stand E69 Hall 25”.



CeramicSpeed Bearings (BearingNet member since 2009 ManEx member since 2015)

“This is our first time in Hannover Messe, and the reason we are exhibiting is to expand our distributor network and to advertise our product lines. We have spent a lot of time working on our home market but now, we think it is time to expand to further markets. With tools, such as BearingNet and shows like Hannover, we think these are the perfect places to find new partners.

Thanks to Hannover we have gained lots of contacts with new distributors. We did not get to see too many maintenance/engineers but we have seen lots of distributors.

We also sell our products to end-users, and that’s what we missed here at the show.

This year we will be attending two more trade shows in Denmark”.


KUKKO-Werkzeugfabrik (ManEx member since 2015)

“We just jumped into the Hannover Messe 2017 because there are a lot of companies which produce or use bearings. Every bearing has to mount or dismount and what you need for that are the tools that Kukko produce…So we decided to join the game!

KUKKO pullers should be the perfect additional product to place beside high-quality bearings. It should go hand in hand.

The Hannover Fair has been really good for us as we have been able to reach so many different clients informing them about the Eisenwarenmesse which is our home fair.

This year you can find us at TransTec, PV live, Agritechnika and also the BearingNet Meeting in Madrid!

New for 2017: We have a new puller called “Pullpo”. It’s a word game between Pulpo, a different word for octopus you can find on Spanish menu cards, and to pull a bearing. More information will follow in the next months. We also have a new sliding grease which is green and smells like apple. The most important thing is the green colour. Now you can see better if you missed a spot when greasing.”



Kettentechnik Roeder GmbH (ManEx member since 2015)

“The show was not so good for me this year. I was expecting to meet more OEMS and dealers. This year I will also be attending BearingNet User Meeting in Madrid and EPTDA in Rome.

I attend the shows worldwide, but smaller events bring better results!”.


NBC National Engineering (ManEx member since 2016)

“NBC have been exhibiting at the Hannover Mess Fair since 1996. Overall we have seen a good quality of lead and 50% of our visitors have been our customers. Shows like this are definitely a great way to enhance our brand awareness. It gives us an opportunity to show off our company.

This year we will be attending BearingNet meetings in both Madrid and Washington DC and the MDA/IDA shows in September. The main aim for all Indian manufacturers is to get their name out there – we are all looking for new distributors to represent our brand.

NBC are currently looking for a European distributor partner acquisition. We want to work closely with a company to help bring our brand to the European market and we want to invest and help this happen.”


BearingNet had a great week in Hannover and look forward to exhibiting again in 2019.

For the rest of 2017 you can find us at:

BearingNet User Meeting Madrid, 8-10 June

BearingNet User Meeting Washington, DC 7-9 September

EPTDA Annual Convention Rome 20-22 September

PTDA/NIBA Industry Summit Florida, 27-30 September