“Great Scott!” Back to the Future is now in the past

Photo of Doc and Marty McFly in Back to the Future

26 years ago a sequel graced our screens titled Back to the Future II, Doc and Marty McFly were off on another adventure and this time to the future; to October 21st 2015. Yep today. So we should have a variety of gadgets, including hoverboards, yet  some haven’t appeared quite yet… Back to the Future did make some correct predictions though…


Okay so they are not quite like what we saw in the film, but we do have a variety of different styles of hoverboard. There is the Omni, which uses a propeller, like a helicopter; the Hendo, which uses electromagnetics and they have some very interesting applications for the technology. And the Lexus, the car manufacturer made a hoverboard that works using superconductors. Of course there is also this ridiculous gadget, the segway hoverboard, which is a segway without the handle and doesn’t hover anywhere, and they are illegal to use on public roads in the UK. Kids these days don’t know hover technology when they see it.

Wearable tech

It’s been the buzzword for the past few years and some wearable technology has come onto the market and thrives, like the smartwatch, and some have died, like Google Glass. In the film the kids use headsets to make calls and watch TV, which wasn’t far off what Glass was capable of. But with things like Occulus Rift on the way, virtual reality headsets could be the nearest thing we’re going to get to the technology.

Video calls

To think just a few years ago video calls did feel like something out of a sci-fi film, and yet everyday millions of people Facetime, use Skype and video conferencing facilities. Whether it’s to talk to each other, hold a meeting, or introduce family members to each other. Video calling has become a huge part of our everyday lives.

Fingerprint recognition

Jennifer uses her fingerprint instead of a key to open doors and is also used to make payments, Although we don’t pay via fingerprint, we use contactless technology, and use fingerprints to unlock our smartphones.

Your predictions

So what do you think we’ll have in another 25 years? Will it be like Fifth Element or Wall-E? And what predictions from old sci-fi do you wish did come true?