Godiva ( not just ) Bearings

Godiva ( not just ) Bearings

A lot of people we meet ask us the same question about growth -“Being a trade only supplier, how can you grow your business?”

The answer is that we cannot grow our customer base – it stays virtually the same each and every year. We get a few newcomers to the market, guys setting up on their own or customers not having the best of luck that go bust, but the majority of our customers are around a long time and our customer base is pretty stable.

We can, however, increase our product lines – we already have a very steady customer base and our policy of “trade only” means we don’t compete with our customers – hence they are more likely to switch other products to us when we introduce them. A good example of this is looking back to 2012 when we started out with timing belts and V belts. Almost overnight we gave our own customers a choice where they could purchase their bearings alongside their belts but with the satisfaction that the orders weren’t going to a competitor of theirs. We send out around 15% of our parcels direct to customers customer and for the small guy or the customer that has a long drive to deliver a small order this is a perfect match. It not only reduces their carriage costs but also their own internal “hidden” costs of raising orders, paying invoices, booking in goods and the like.

Since then we have continued to increase our ranges – Disc Springs, Nilos Rings, Needle Clutches, Pneumatics, Ribbed Belting, Adhesives, Lubricants, Imperial Ball and Roller, Stainless Cam Followers, Locking Collars, Nuts, Washers and Special Linear parts. In fact, our inventory has risen from 30,000 parts to nearly 60,000 in just 5 years.

We would love the opportunity to show you how we can add value to your business – just give your local depot a call!!


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