Get to know the history of BGL, a company with more than 63 years experience within the accessories for bearings industry.

Located in the Sao Paulo State, Brazil, BGL has grown and established itself as a reference since its beginning, in 1957, due to their products’ quality and reliability.

BGL manufactures sleeves for bearings, which is an accessory to mount tapered bore bearing on shafts for industrial machines and equipment.

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One of the differential qualities that sets BGL apart is their vertical production – meaning that the company controls 100% of the manufacturing process from the moment the raw material enters in the factory up to the finished product. The material that makes up the sleeves and nuts has excellent mechanical properties, which provides adequate strength and dimensional accuracy. BGL applies rigid quality control in all stages of the manufacturing process and the batch number recorded on each product allows full traceability and warranty.

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Below is an interview with BGL director
Warley A. Grotta Jr.

What types of products are manufactured by BGL? 

BGL manufactures adapter and withdrawal sleeves for self-aligning bearings spherical and roller bearings with a tapered bore. It also manufactures lock nuts, precision nuts, lock washers and tools: Hydraulic nuts, hook wrenches, hydraulic pump and extension tubes.

What material is used to manufacture your products? 

The material is one of BGL’s great differentials because it was developed using our own technology, and provides excellent mechanical properties, such as tensile strength of at least 16% above what the international standard requires. In addition, it is possible to transform the material according to the requirements of the most varied applications.

What are the most common applications of BGL products? 

The sleeves and nuts are mounted on machines from different segments, such as: Equipment for the mining industry, paper, cellulose, steel, industrial conveyors, petrochemical, agricultural machinery, wind, machine tools, in addition to various types of equipment.

What are the most special and innovative applications? 

Hydraulic adapter sleeves, when mounted on equipment, provide much faster maintenance, due to the shorter removal time compared to a conventional sleeve. Mounting and dismounting sleeves for bearings with hydraulic nut using oil injection in the hydraulic sleeve, reduces the maintenance time and, consequently, the equipment operating cost.

What’s new in bearing sleeves?

BGL meets 100% of the standard specifications, and can develop any special sleeve to meet the specific needs of each customer. This could be a special bore diameter, special thread, length etc.

How are the new technologies and concepts of industry 4.0 impacting the manufacture and application of sleeves? 

Industry 4.0 has changed the way of production. BGL applies modern concepts throughout its industrial park, with communication between engineering, machine and ERP in an integrated and online manner. With this, the ability to control and manage the manufacturing process, maximises the quality and process improvements. These innovations reach customers in the form of reliable and competitive products.

What care should be taken when choosing bearing sleeves? 

The sleeves, being an element that is positioned between the bearing and the shaft, has fundamental importance in the set. The sleeve costs 10% of the bearing price and is directly responsible for its useful life. A quality sleeve allows the bearing to reach its full service life and that means longer machine time in operation, reducing production and maintenance costs. Cutting down costs on the sleeves with low quality is a shot in the foot because a product with low added value will compromise the bearing and the equipment where they are mounted.

What is the useful life of a sleeve? 

The life of the sleeve, since it is a static product, is the same as the mounted bearing. In order for the bearing’s life to be maximised, the sleeve must be changed whenever the bearing is replaced, or removed and re-mounted. Because the sleeve is positioned between the shaft and the bearing, the sleeve will be compromised by the seat of the previous bearing and cannot be reused so that the bearing at the reassembly is properly fixed and continues to work 100% safely.

How do you mount and maintain the sleeve and bearing assembly?

A maintenance professional must be trained and use the appropriate tools for technical assembly. BGL also offer online training videos, if you are interested visit the BGL website or download the app at the Apple Store and Google Play to assist in the mounting and dismounting. This initiative helps professionals to train and carry out the entire process with the best practices using appropriate tools, with maximum ease, quality and safety.

How do you see BGL today and in the future? 

One of the reasons BGL has been successful for more than 63 years is the companies restlessness. We are always aware of news looking to be better today than we were yesterday. It is never good enough for us. There is always room for improvement. We try to do better, choose, or develop processes, always looking for improvements. This is what makes us envision an even more promising future within the bearing sleeves market.

BGL Products

BGL Products

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