From part-time Bookkeeper to President & CFO of an international company

The bearing market has changed considerably in 40 years in the United States of America. None more so than bearing distributor MMB Bearings based in North Carolina, founded in a flourishing market in the 1970’s.

MMB Bearings is shaping the bearing industry in the USA with CFO Barbara Zayatz at the helm. The bearing market has changed considerably in 40 years in the United States of America. None more so than bearing distributor MMB Bearings based in North Carolina, founded in a flourishing market in the 1970’s. It’s certainly been a 40-year adventure in the bearing industry for MMB Bearings CFO Barbara Zayatz, whose life at the company started as an ambitious bookkeeper in 1978.

Before the invention of the World Wide Web and BearingNet, much of what Barbara had to do was analogue in nature. Everything was back to basics by today’s standards. All sales orders were handwritten and invoices were hand typed. Even our inventory was handwritten using a card file system that we stored in metal cabinet drawers.

MMB was founded in 1976 by Peter Barnett (who unfortunately passed away in 2015) and has grown from a small supplier of precision miniature bearings, to one of America’s largest stocking distributors and suppliers of high-quality ball and roller bearings. Peter had the insight to accumulate one of the largest inventories of hard to find, obsolete bearings.

MMB now sells all over the world and gives access to their extensive inventory that sometimes cannot be found anywhere else in the world. When Barbara was made President of the company there were many challenges that they had to face.

“The biggest challenge I faced was transforming the way MMB did business for so many years. We had been in business for 37 years when I became President, with most of the same procedures and personnel. He also needed to find new ways of finding customers worldwide. ~

Thanks to marketplaces like BearingNet, our international market has become a large part of our business. We now sell to many foreign countries and
governments worldwide.” Not only has Barbara overseen the evolution of MMB Bearings, she also ensures the company does more to fulfil employee’s ‘American Dream’:

“MMB has a character that is synonymous with the highest levels of principle, ethics and integrity. Each of our employees’ is an important link in the chain of MMB’s success – going home at day’s end with a feeling of accomplishment and knowing it is a great place to work – where teamwork is a way of life. This teamwork gives us the opportunity to quote, ship and prove ourselves.”

MMB also involves themselves in local activities such as sponsoring one of their local baseball teams and a dog rescue operation, helping them to refurbish an
old donated ambulance to be used for rescuing dogs in need. For Barbara it has been a whirlwind of progression in 4 decades to the hot seat of MMB Bearings, with many positive achievements by the company.

“The future for MMB is bright and would have made Peter very proud. It has taken a team effort to transform the
way we had been doing business in the past, to where we are and want to go as a company. We’ve expanded services, added new distributor lines, recruited new younger staff to learn the bearing business and grew our inventory which will only help us offer more to our customers.”

“I always remind myself that when I started working for MMB in 1978, we only used three things – a telex, a calculator and a typewriter and it reminds me how far we’ve come!”