Expand on the old, invest in the new: R&M Bearings versatility

R&M Bearings have been in the industry since 1983, which has seen them supply premium bearings and a comprehensive range of transmission products across the UK and beyond.

We had a chat with Managing Director Steve Martin about how the last year has gone for R&M Bearings and their exciting new venture: Bearings Sounds Radio.

We all know the pandemic has been very difficult in 2020. How has COVID-19 affected R&M Bearings over the last year and how have you had to adapt in the current climate?

Although the pandemic was very unexpected, here at R&M Bearings International Ltd in Scotland, we had a really busy 12 months. We feel really lucky and appreciative that we have not been too badly affected in comparison to other industries.

It was great to see how our industry reacted to the situation and many companies including ours added PPE products to their stocks. We even donated lots of PPE masks to our clients in the early stages of the pandemic.

Before the pandemic started, R&M Bearings moved into a larger warehouse. Has this been beneficial for you as a business and how have your customers’ needs changed over recent times?

Late 2019, we invested in our largest warehouse to date in our 37 years of existence, and only moved in 4 weeks before COVID-19 struck. Thankfully, our forward planning of stock delivery was already in place.

This was hugely beneficial as we were able to fulfil a lot of orders to our fellow distributors throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Whereas, in other companies they had maybe run out or gone short on stock. This had been our long-term strategy before COVID-19, in our preparations for the disaster we call Brexit.

How have you continued to meet your customer needs?

Throughout 2020 R&M Bearings have remained fully stocked for future sales and invite our trade friends in BearingNet to check us out for excellent prices on all the top brands that you would expect.

Even after the pandemic we have continued to invest in products to remain fully stocked which enables our customers to experience shorter lead times. We have built up a comprehensive list of the top 1,500 “best sellers” in our stock turnover, and regularly replenish these stocks.

How have you adapted to Brexit and what preparations did you make?

With our vast experience in dealing not only in Europe but worldwide, we had a fair idea of what changes needed to be made, but not the finite details of course. We not only increased our stock holding, but formed R&M Bearings International in both Ireland and Estonia. This gives us a continued EU presence, but our business to and from the EU remains buoyant and successful.

We ask all of our fellow BearingNet members to give us a try, if you don’t already know us, you will be surprised at our pricing on top brands.

On a slightly different note, what is ‘Bearing Sounds’ and what are the reasons behind setting it up?

Bearing Sounds is the world first radio and advertising station dedicated solely to the bearing and power transmission business. The idea behind the station was to allow bearing trade professionals to not only have a great sounding 24/7 radio station but also to provide a cost-efficient advertising tool for the industry.

How can people listen to Bearing Sounds?

Anyone can listen here at www.bearingsounds.com or just ask ALEXA to “Play Bearing Sounds radio”. You will be very surprised at the content, the quality and I think you might just want to hear your company on the station. If so, please contact studio@bearingsounds.com for full details of advertising rates, and special requests available.

If you would like to find out more information about R&M Bearings visit their website or get in touch below!

Website: www.rmbearings.co.uk
Email: sales@rmbearings.co.uk
Phone: +44 1382 455400

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