Essential Flexibility Belt makers Moltech go the extra mile

Every now and then, a company will receive a request to produce something out of the ‘norm’ – something that exceeds capabilities and pushes limits. Take 250 chefs in Naples for example, who worked together to make a world record-breaking pizza measuring 1,800 metres long. 

As far as manufacturing goes, Industrial Starkline beltmakers Moltech, based in Röszke, Hungary was faced with a more unusual request than they normally get. A customer requested a 63-meter long industrial belt for a huge wood processing machine. Not quite a world record, but the beltmakers faced the challenge head-on. The challenge was simple – produce the belt in a few hours within the
Moltech workshop that measured only 23 meters. A lack of adequate space, however, didn’t stop the Moltech team and with an open mind,
open windows and some spacious Essential Flexibility elt makers Moltech go the extra mile It was actually quite amusing seeing the belt being created out of the workshop windows and “ into the courtyard! ” out of the box thinking, the Li belt was produced – starting with the base, adding the tensile members (cord) to the base after finishing with the top belt. It was just a matter of coating the belts with a white top measuring 70mm in width. The customer received the Starkline belt after 8 gruelling hours of production, where it’s now being put
to good use producing wooden doors. Anko Reijnders, Export Manager at Moltech highlighted the challenge involved for the team:

“This was a huge challenge that our team worked hard to conquer, mainly due to the immense length of the belt. We did not have enough space in our workshop. It was actually quite amusing seeing the belt being created out of the workshop windows and into the courtyard!” Another challenge to complete this belt was the tension due to the heavyweight. We had to use a company car to take the tension!”

Moltech have built a reputation for producing custom built and tailor belts not only in any length but also with a variety of covers for different grip needs.

Got a bespoke requirement? Contact the Moltech team for a chat, even if you need a 63-meter-long belt, they’re happy to help…
Call +36 62 573057 or email Anko