Elgeti Engineering’s environment transport scheme!

Elgeti Engineering are determined to reduce their emissions and their effect on the environment. With their efficient and appropriate use of transportation it leads to significant environmental benefits.

For this reason, Elgeti Engineering uses driving logs in our fleet and provides employees with a BahnCard, which provides a 50% discount on train travel.

For business trips that require a vehicle at Elgeti Engineering, they use the most economical option which are the heavy diesel vehicles , however they are only used when truly necessary. Elgeti already have environmentally friendly LPG technology  in use and electric cars will soon be joining the fleet in the near future.

Private use of company vehicles is charged at cost according to the trip length documented in the driving log instead of through a flat lump sum, as is common at many companies. A flat rate encourages increased use of the vehicles, since driving more doesn’t cost the employee anything extra.

However, charging costs to their vehicles provides their staff with incentives not only chose the most efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles, but encourages employees to consider the train as a cost-effective alternative.

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