Elgeti Engineering’s seminar truck visited Friedrich Braun GmbH

Last week, Elgeti Engineering’s seminar truck visited Friedrich Braun GmbH, a bearing trading company with an almost 80 year long history, located in the beautiful city of Münster, Germany. A compliment to their theoretical training “The Basics of Bearing Technology,” the seminar truck gives participants the opportunity to gather hands-on experience with assembling and mounting bearings.

One of the exercises is exchanging bearings on an electric motor. In general, Elgeti Engineering distinguished between three different situations for bearing installation:

  • Normal production of machinery under workshop conditions
  • Repair under construction conditions
  • Emergency repair under irregular conditions

This exercise is performed using different, situation-appropriate tools while highlighting typical faults of each method and how to avoid them. Additional topics include measuring and setting of both axial and radial clearance utilising the proper tools.

This type of training is very beneficial for bearing traders because it gives them a much better understanding of their customers’ needs and the requirements of correctly handling their products.

Elgeti Engineering would like to thank the Friedrich Braun team for their enthusiastic participation, the interesting discussions, especially Lara Braun for making this happen!

If you would like to schedule a similar training, please contact Elgeti Engineering here.

(Note: Their seminar truck is currently only available in Europe. If you are outside of Europe and interested in this training, they are happy to discuss possible options!)

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