Electromagnetics, engineering and the Marvel Universe

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Patrick Priebe, a German craftsman, has created some of comic books best superhero powers that can be used by anyone. 

The Marvel Universe is now a multimillion dollar franchise that spans films, books, video games and of course comic books. Fans have been creating their own versions of their favourite heroes for years with cosplay masterpieces, and now technological pieces of genius can be added to the mix.

“Spins a web, any size”

Of course we know Spiderman has the ability to create web from his wrists, this allows him to swing around New York City, stopping bad guys in their path. Peter Parker, and now Miles Morales, can also use it fire at objects, and even grab objects and bring them to him.

So Patrick made one.

Powered by electromagnetics it can shoot a harpoon that is strong enough to pull on. It even has a laser pointer so you can aim at your target easier.

I know, very cool!

“Some people like to see the world burn”

Ok ok, I know, that’s DC, wrong universe, but the next two gadgets Patrick has created are based around heat. Cyclops is a favourite character from X-Men and he has the amazing power to burn objects with his eyes. Well you can to! With a device that fits over your eyes, just like Cyclops, it has a heated laser, so you aim with the red and BAM incinerate with the blue.

It is’t exceptionally powerful, but it pops those balloons nice and easy!

The same technology has been used to recreate Iron Man’s laser arm.

And as we all know, Tony Stark can also use that suit to shoot missiles, and you guessed it…

“It’s the choices that make us who we are”

What would you like to see recreated? What super power would you like? Let us know in the comments below!