Eich Roller Bearings Can Take the Heat


P.T. International (PTI) is proud to be the exclusive US distributor for Eich Bearings, the industry leader for high temperature, heavy load bearings. Ideal for Steel Mills and other applications of extreme temperatures, such as furnaces, Eich Bearings are built to withstand the heat.

Manufactured in Germany, Eich Roller Bearings are designed to withstand elevated temperatures (up to 1000F / 600C), heavy loads, and severe environments. They’re ideal for Steel Mills and other applications requiring extreme temperatures, such as furnaces, billet, slab, bloom or beam blank casters.

The basic design consists of an inner spring-wound race, a set of cylindrical rollers capable of heavy radial loads, and an outer spring wound race. Thrust rings on each end help contain and handle thrust. They are available from 25mm shaft diameters to 600mm outer diameters and anything in between.

The spring wound races expand and contract naturally over a wide temperature range. No other bearing offers these features with such load carrying flexibility.

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